Purpose & Features

Aid4Email is freeware add-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Its features facilitate and automate your daily work with Outlook, increase your productivity and save your time.


Feature #1: Send with options

When you compose an Email, the 'Send with options' button is available above the standard 'Send' button:



Hitting this button will open following window for you:




Here you can configure several options before actually sending the Email out:


·         Save copy of sent Email to specified folder


For example I often save copies of sent Emails that I need to follow into my dedicated folder called '1_Buffer'.



·         Send Later Email / Scheduled Email

This feature makes it easy for you to schedule an Email to be sent at any time you choose.

You can draft your Email as you normally do, then schedule it to be sent automatically at any desired time.


With just one button you can configure required delay for current Email.

For example hitting the button '2 min' will keep the Email in Outbox folder for 2 minutes before eventually sending it out.



You can also use the calendar picker to manually setup any custom date & time for Email to be sent out (including year, month, day, hour and minute).



Here are some of the reasons you may want to send Emails later:

-          Send Emails when they are most likely to be opened and read

-          Communicate with people in different time zones

-          Avoid missing a birthday or anniversary

-          Write your work-related Emails over the weekend and schedule them to be sent on Monday morning

-          When you want to reach clients first thing in the morning but want to prep the Email the night before.

-          Write your work-related Emails before you go to lunch or meeting and schedule them to be sent while you are on lunch or meeting



·         Turn off PC after this Email is sent out...


If you turn this on for the Email, Aid4Email add-in will automatically look for this Email in 'Sent' folder.

Once the Email is sent and its copy moved to 'Sent' folder, the PC will shut-down automatically.


The countdown screen will be shown to the user before actually shutting down providing the user with the last option to abort the shut-down:




Feature #2: Buttons for quick change of Emails' importance

The Increase / Decrease Importance buttons are available in the main Outlook's ribbon:


They provide with quick option to change importance of individual selected Email or selection of multiple Emails within Outlook's Explorer (the main Outlook's window displaying folders and their Emails).



Feature #3: Go to Email's Folder

Ever got to situation of having an Email open and wondering what is its home folder?

Hitting he Go to Email's folder button which is now available in the ribbon of each Email's window (Inspector) will navigate you into this Email's folder within the Navigation pane and select the related Email in it.




All features can be individually switched on or off through Settings:





This add-in is freeware – there are no limitations to its use.



Compatibility information, Requirements

Supported Microsoft Outlook versions:  

2010 – 2016, Both 32-bit and 64-bit

Required OS:                                                      

Windows 7 or later




The latest version is