I love programming in MS Office applications (Excel, Access, Outlook, Word).

For DHL Express company, where I have worked, I created / programmed countless different tools in these applications over the years.

I have strong knowledge of corporate processes and many years of experience.

I provide unsophisticated consultancy services and solutions free of charge - for joy and for new knowledge.

In case of more time consuming requests / solutions I provide advice or price offer of my further services.





In case of Excel I follow the golden rule that programming / macros should be only the last resort :-) because built-in Excel's functions can accomplish much more than most of the mortals suspect.

But when it has to be :-), I made dozens of Exel solutions, especially VBA add-ins, conversion tools, custom functions, etc.



I help with upgrading, fixing and improving of current databases.

I also create new databases or integrate Access with other applications. 

For example MLE - an interesting tool that I made - exports and transforms various Access objects (Tables with Subdatasheets, Queries with Subdatasheets or Forms with Subforms) into Excel so that the resulting Express spreadsheets keep the Access-like drill-down design of original objects. It basically means that no data is lost in this transformation and Excel absorbs and shows the data in the same structure as Access did.



For Outlook I create VBA add-ins and VSTO add-ins (also known as COM add-ins).

For example Aid4Email is the tool that adds several useful features into Outlook and so increases the productivity of work with Outlook. 



The requirements to develop macros, add-ins and other solutions for Word are not frequent, but even here interesting opportunities for time-saving automations can sometimes be found and I have experience with it.